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Proof of English Language: C6 in WAEC and NECO in most courses and IELTS for nursing courses. Requirements for masters course is first degree certificate, transcript, WAEC or NECO result, personal statement, employer reference and CV. Counselling can be done online so prospective students don’t need to travel for far distance.  We can accelerate the process of your application. However, it is not necessary to have all this paperwork ready for the first meeting. You can just come to our office for the initial counselling and we will advise you on what and how best to prepare the application documents. In addition to the above we would like to see applicant’s / sponsor’s bank account statement to ascertain funding capability. 

NO! we offer free services.

It is better to make your applications as quickly as possible and best if within one month of being counselled by your MDT counsellor. UK universities make offers for their courses on a first come first served basis so the sooner you apply the better your chances of success. Just get all your documents ready (an English score can be submitted later if it is needed in most cases). Then you can relax and let MDT take care of everything for you!

Please contact us for more details.

Yes, if you take one of the SELT (Secure English Language Test) i.e TOEFL, Pearson or IELTS etc to upgrade your English language qualification.

The sooner to meet the school’s and UKVI requirements the better!!

We can help you with a Proper IELTS Training Center.

Personal Statements are very important documents which support a student’s application to study a particular course in a given university. A personal statement should show to the admission officers that you have the qualities, background and aptitude for the desired course.


  • Your reasons for choosing the course
  • The background to your interest in the subject you wish to study
  • Any employment, work experience or placement
  • Voluntary work especially if relevant to your subject
  • Details of any key core skills developed
  • Particular Interest You Have in Your current studies

Your career aspirations and details of any non-examined subjects which you are studying.


I am Visava Chobkol, a third-year bachelor student in the department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University.


My hometown is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I graduated in Science-Mathematics major with GPA of 4.00 from the Pinoonbunpend Demonstration School, Burapha University, Chonburi in 2006. I love problem solving and strategic planning. I therefore joined Chess club during the high school. I earned many chess trophies from various competitions. My favorite subjects are Mathematics and Physics.


I decided to go to Engineering School at Burapha University. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I realize that the technology always changes. Mechanical Engineering is important to all parts of our everyday lives and is everywhere you can imagine. It is a challenging subject that covers a wide range of fields such as machines, energy, manufacturing and processes. For past two years, I have enrolled various subjects including mathematics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and mechanical design. Currently, my GPA is 4.00.


As a part of my Bachelor’s experience, I have served a position on Student committees of the Faculty of Engineering for two years. I have been part of Mechanical Engineering committees for one year. I have also led the Mechanical Engineering Club last year. I have served as a tutor in a course of Dynamics for two semesters. I have gained experiences to carry out my duties with high responsibility.


As part of lectures/courses in the Bachelor degree, it requires for all students to enroll the Mechanical Engineering Practice Training subject during summer time. Your company is well-known in the field. It would be a great opportunity for me to learn experiences from your qualified staffs in a great environment. I wish I have strong backgrounds and high responsibility to suit your qualifications. I am looking forward to have such an opportunity for the training in your company.

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